About iPatrika

Welcome to iPatrika, the small publisherd delight for online publication of their magaziness.


Our mission is simple: we list the possible magazines hosted over internet for conventional readings and create readable contents for small magazines for eager readers. If you have a book , blogs, contents hosted on internet, link up here or you can create a brand new content directly with iPatrika free of cost.

Company Info

We have not yet set any company for this, but we have a group of enthuastist who are commited to deliver world class web infrustrature convenien readings for all platforms. At present we host a subdomain free. In very near future , will provide service to link up a real domain with these hosted content.

We host all the content with CDN service provided by Zentellisence softwares, and hold all the account with OPEN IDs. If you do not want to create a login here, you can still be able to use our services provided you have an account with either Facebook, Twitter or Windows Live.